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    Went into Lark Street Music passing through town yesterday for some business. Buzzy had a couple Gibby's that particularly caught my eye; an A2Z, and a 1928 F-4. I spent about 25 minutes between them, and rehung them on the wall. Nice pieces, fairly priced for their condition; still not worth the cost of the marriage counselor.

    What really blew my mind were all the amazing vintage amps. Those nice, tweedy, late '50's Fenders were especially throwing off some major mojo. Oh, and not one, but two, TWO clearly different Dumble Overdrive Special amps. I've never seen >$250,000 worth of two amps like that before.

    I bought a set of strings for the playing time. Buzzy was gracious as always to an irregular visitor he wouldn't necessarily recognize. Always a treat to spend some time there.
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    Great store

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    I was a regular lunch hour visitor when the shop was on Lark Street. Buzzy was always welcoming and very generous with his inventory, up to and including a July 9 Loar that he must have known I could not afford. One day I was playing that mandolin when two elderly gents stopped in. They explained that they were very excited to see the mandolin because for many years they had played in a band with its long time owner. Each of them got a guitar down from the wall and we had a little jam session right there in the store. Many thanks to Buzzy for that cherished musical memory.

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    I remember the Lark Street location. Oh well, I just killed an hour looking at his online inventory.........

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    Still have a "Leno" (no relation to Jay, I assume) Dobro capo I bought at Lark Street when it was still in Albany.

    Great place to stop for a couple hours when driving to Boston, from Rochester. Can't quite do the same when it's in NJ.
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