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Thread: doing pizzicato in a piece

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    Default doing pizzicato in a piece

    I am playing a piece that calls for pizzicato the 3rd time around.
    My way is by placing the heal of my right hand on the strings.

    Is that the correct way? Or other ways to do it?

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    Default Re: doing pizzicato in a piece

    Use fingers instead of your pick? More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: doing pizzicato in a piece

    I am not a classical player but I reckon the palm-muting you mention, Nick, is certainly a way of doing this. Get the fleshy edge of your picking hand close to the bridge saddle to dampen the strings. Correct placement is trickier on the shorter scale of the mando compared to doing this on a guitar.
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    Default Re: doing pizzicato in a piece

    Muting at the bridge is one method, not the only one. The goal is a short note, fast decay.

    A muting style with more "pop" is fingering lightly just on top of the fret.

    The left hand technique leaves your picking free to be at a convenient location along the string. I think it is what Al Dimeola uses, to shift from clear to muted while picking fast.
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