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Thread: Right hand exericises

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    Default Right hand exericises

    I am looking to speed up and gain precision on my right hand. Any go to exercise or methods?
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    I refer folks to this Kevin Burke video about developing speed - even though he's playing the fiddle, and irish trad music I think his advice is probably applicable no matter the genre or stringed instrument played. He focuses on the fact that to play faster you'll need to use different playing mechanics than the ones used when playing slowly/moderately. Minimising pick travel when you hit a string so that there isn't any unneeded follow through helps facilitate speed so I'll do stuff like practice a segment of a tune making sure that I'm using that kind of economy of motion and also staying relaxed (since tension kills speed). Recently I sliced the tip of my ring finger open when peeling vegetables and couldn't use it for a few days. Rather than not picking the mandolin up I instead took the opportunity to just practice building speed in some of the newer tunes I'd recently learnt, just identifying parts of the tune that used the index and middle finger, so it might only be a 3 or 4 note section but I just played them over and over, minimising pick travel and really saw a difference.

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    Default Re: Right hand exericises

    I'm surprised Jake hasn't posted this himself

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    Default Re: Right hand exericises

    The book mentioned in this thread is really good

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    Mike Marshall's "The Great Book of Finger Busters" is a great one. The first like 12 pages don't even use the fretting hand at all - just strumming hand (right).

    I'm also a big fan of dividing time metronome studies - like playing through all different types of notes. At a reasonable (read: slower than you might think), start with whole notes, then half notes, then quarter, then eighth, then triplet, etc then back down to whole. Do that for a while, then increase the speed and repeat.
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