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Could you talk about the difference in tone in the two instruments, please.

I played a PML (Poor Manīs Loar) at TAMCO quite some time ago. It didnīt have the best setup. Yet it sounded very nice (certainly top tier).

What do you mean by "the neck on mine is set back much further"? Do you mean that yourīs has a steeper neck angle and therefore needs a higher bridge (and therefore has more pressure on the top)? I find it interesting that these factors cause inconsistencies in mandolins. I know at least 3 Vanden mandolins. They are all different. While they are all good mandolins I sort of like only one of them (soundwise). It has to do with the differences in the way they are built.
Can't really say that much on tone. Fred and I didn't swap long enough to get a feeling for how the other one sounded. Besides the bridges, his is strung with mediums. I use lights on mine. (See below)

Yes, my Brentrup has a much steeper neck angle. And does need a higher bridge. See post #21 above for a photo. The bridge measures just under 1" tall in the center. The James tailpiece is also mounted higher. so the base does not come close to the body to keep the break angle over the bridge at a reasonable level. Because of this, the store I purchased it from had lights on it, and have kept it that way.