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Thread: solid mando practice setup?

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    Default solid mando practice setup?

    Any ideas please for a headphone practice setup for a solid mandolin? I want to play along with accompaniment etc apps on my phone.
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    Default Re: solid mando practice setup?

    I used to use an Apogee Jam plugged into my iPhone, with the BIAS Amp amp collection. Worked pretty well for electric guitar (not that you need an Orange amp or anything!), the clean tones were very good.

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    Question Re: solid mando practice setup?

    <theoretically> Put the (If it has one) headphone jack out put as 1 channel in a mini mixer, perhaps ?
    you can hear your self in 1 channel & It, in another, from the mixer headphone output,?

    Or so I would think..
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    Default Re: solid mando practice setup?

    I use an inexpensive headphone amp, the Sonicake US classic. You’ll find it on Amazon. The built-in batteries are long lasting, and it does have an input for a phone or other device to play backing tracks. There are many similar devices available. The nonadjustable reverb that you can switch on with mine is a little over the top to my ears, and at home I prefer my real practice app.

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    Default Re: solid mando practice setup?

    Most Marshall MG amps have both headphone outputs and stereo inputs.
    The Vox Amplugs have an input jack as well. I usually use that one to "watch TV" on the computer while I noodle away late at night when I can't sleep.


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    Default Re: solid mando practice setup?

    Depends on your equipment. If you have an audio interface, plug the mando into it and play against backing tracks on your computer. Tracks are available all over, YouTube, iReal, etc.
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    Default Re: solid mando practice setup?

    The only phone rig I tried was the iRig, and the latency was too much to deal with.

    My laptop rig is an old firewire MOTU UltraLitemk3, along with Amplitude 4 sounds so good that it's hard to take off the headphones (Grado PS500e's).
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