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Thread: The D.Gilchrist in the classifieds

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    Default The D.Gilchrist in the classifieds
    No connection to me whatsoever.

    I look at the work and I think, "That's beautiful stuff, but it should be 5 string with a Jonathan Mann wrap around tailpiece, 2 pickups and a 15" scale length. Then it would be nearly impossible to resist."


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    I almost agree Daniel. I think it "could" be a 5 string (15" scale) or a 4 string (13.9" scale) for that matter. Not necessarily that it "should" be. I do like the 2 pickup and Mann wraparound TP ideas however. Beautiful work!!! Perhaps young Mr. Gilchrist will be expanding his product offerings.

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    Wow, nice looking mandolin. I'm not quite sure what warrants that extremely high price. There are some wonderful well made electrics out there at a fraction of that $$.
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