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Thread: If anyone knows Jacob Underwood Elizabeth Illinois

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    Default If anyone knows Jacob Underwood Elizabeth Illinois

    I've been attempting to make contact this week via mult PM.

    Jacob Underwood- Elizabeth, Illinois/ 2 point Hinde

    he has an instrument in the classifieds I am highly interested in.
    I may move on a Duff this week if I don't hear from him.

    I apologize if this is inappropriate, it's the last way I thought of to possibly reach him, hoping someone here knows him.
    I am not a Facebook member.
    He can reach me via PM here.

    Thank you
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    Default Re: If anyone knows Jacob Underwood Elizabeth Illinois

    I contacted him because I have access to those classified emails. He said he's responded to you twice, emailed you separately anew and has received no response from you. That suggests those replies are in your spam folder.

    I've said this publicly before but it bears repeating. If you're using email to communicate and you aren't checking your spam folder daily, you're missing communication. The entire spam folder is nothing but programming decisions that are never 100% accurate, and the spammers always find a way around it. Legitimate communication you need to read will end up there, and that's just the way it is.

    Closing this discussion and moving it to the support area as it serves no further purpose.

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