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Thread: Kentucky KM-120 Army-Navy Special tone/playability?

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    Default Kentucky KM-120 Army-Navy Special tone/playability?

    Does anyone own this mandolin and can tell me how the tone and playability are? Is this more of a gimmicky model or does it actually deliver in its sound? There seems to be very few reviews/information about it online. Most of what I play is old time, Appalachian, and Celtic.

    I'm currently deciding between the KM-120 and the Kentucky KM-140 and 150 (dependent upon what is available in my price range on Reverb, I know that the 150 is far superior).. Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: Kentucky KM-120 Army-Navy Special tone/playability?

    I bought one on a whim earlier this year. It needed a lot of set up work to make it playable. The tone is not that great to my ear. It definitely does not compare to a Flatiron that I previously owned. If you're lookin for your first mandolin I think you'd be better off spending a little more and getting a KM150. I have nothing against Kentucky/Saga, but I would say that yes the KM120 is a bit gimmicky.

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    Default Re: Kentucky KM-120 Army-Navy Special tone/playability?

    Sometimes the Kentucky KM250 is on offer for a similar price to the 150. The 250 has a radiused board which I think is 1/16" wider all the way up, and lightly flamed wood (which may make no difference to the sound). My 250 came with a good action etc. out of the box, maybe I was lucky...

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