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Thread: Are unwound strings always plain steel?

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    Default Re: Are unwound strings always plain steel?

    Quote Originally Posted by pops1 View Post
    Yup JB I was thinking silver in color. While silver strings will work for a violin, they would be too soft for a fretted instrument and not last long. So I was thinking Sue wanted them for her mandolin and was just using the nickel for the silver color. I like the nickel strings and use them myself, they are a good sound on my mandolins.
    Quote Originally Posted by journeybear View Post
    Yeah, tried D'Addario Nickel Bronze strings for a change from Phosphor Bronze. I don't really care for them, have less of the warm tone I'm used to. Not sure why PB are called that, whether there is some phosphorus mixed into the alloy. But the NB definitely have the silvery color.
    Well, after giving up on the concept of silver (Ag) strings (I mean, Silver John is fiction after all), I put the Nickel Bronze lights on my Strad-O-Lin. I like the look, but don't expect any unusual metaphysical properties . Unlike JB, I also like the sound. Enough so that I took a set of mediums off his hands to try on the F2 later.

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    Default Re: Are unwound strings always plain steel?

    Sue, if you like the nickel silver, try the pure nickel.

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    Question Re: Are unwound strings always plain steel?

    Music wire is a high carbon steel .. C 0.70 - 1.00% Mn 0.20 - .60%

    The rest of the discussion is seemingly about various winding wire alloys
    around a music wire core. (so not 'plain', because it includes a trace % of Manganese)

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    Default Re: Are unwound strings always plain steel?

    I bought a guitar that came strung with brass colored unwound strings. It may have been the seller's way of dealing with an overly bright guitar. I haven't been able to find out what kind of strings they were. I would like to try them again.

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