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Thread: Right-handed fiddle player, left-handed mando player

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    After a lifetime of playing, I've had plenty of ills from the concentrated, repetitive movements of specific-handed instruments (and sports like baseball and tennis - which btw max I've always done yoga to deal with "tennis/pitcher's elbow" and anything/everything else). I've had to take long breaks from guitar, double bass, etc. As a drummer I particularly enjoy instruments with equilateral ergonomics - harp, english concertina, some degree with some types of accordions, etc. Playing stringed instruments is all of a kind, and none are particularly technically challenging - from cello/DB to mndln - after a lifetime. But non-stringed types of instruments can be challenging, so those are the ones I play these days when I want to learn something; I love the balance. I occasionally fiddle around L-handed just for sport, but I like the equilateral ones for musical execution.

    That goes for sports as well - no more pitching baseballs for me.
    Randal Scott

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    Thanks, Charlie,
    Inspired by yourself and others I've now committed to playing righty. And following Niles' example I've spent a few hours this weekend writing right-handed and I've surprised myself with the results which are, at least, legible!
    7p.m. Update: I've just unpacked my Harley Benton. Wow! What a little beauty. Will now tune up and make my first foray into right-hand mando playing. Progress report to follow...

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    The only instrument which I lean to playing opposite the standard is jews harp. I fooled around with it in high school but never became a virtuoso. Now I follow a bunch of players on Youtube and I actually play it the opposite of the way most do: plucking with the left hand vs. the right. I am not sure why I did that decades ago but makes little difference in terms of the result.

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