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2021 Northfield Mandolins NFA-V3 4th Generation Artist F-5 Mandolin Used

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Vendor: Northfield Mandolins
Type: Instruments
Price: 6200.00
Northfield's "4th Generation" F-5 was developed with input from Mike Marshall and has a lot of tonal characteristics of those iconic Lloyd Loar models. While it has the power needed for Bluegrass, it also delivers the sweetness and warmth always welcomed in classical music and jazz. Like the Loar originals, the finish is spirit varnish and the Adirondack top is braced with twin tone bars. Playability is enhanced with a fully radiused fretboard, and the art nouveau theme headstock inlay reminds us that Northfield learns from earlier instruments without building slavish copies. While less than a year old, this mandolin does have some very light fret wear and a few shallow finger marks in the varnish around the bridge (spirit varnish is both softer and more flexible than nitrocellulose lacquer) Comes with the Northfield Airloom case.