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Thread: Free Jazzy Version of Let it Snow (with tabs)

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    Default Free Jazzy Version of Let it Snow (with tabs)

    Hello All! I'm learning to arrange for mandolin, and I've recently worked up a jazz version of Let It Snow that is super fun to play. There is an intermediate - advanced version, and a simpler one with just the chords and melody. Both versions have tabs. They are on Musescore and I've attached them here as PDFs.

    I found that I really had to mess around with this tune to figure out the right key. There are still a few awkward parts but I think setting it in the key of A was a good idea. There are some some slightly gnarly reaches with 2 - 6 doublestops everywhere (as in G# and B at the same time). I added in lots of little ornaments and fun chords that weren't strictly necessary but just make it fun to play. The tune ends by playing all the way up at the top of the neck, albeit nice and slow. I never play up that high so I wrote something so I could Keep in mind, I'm still learning to arrange so any feedback is welcome!

    Advanced Let it Snow
    Simplified Let it Snow

    Also - stop by the Mandolin & Friends Discord server for mandolin, octave mandolin, and tenor guitar fun!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Let_It_Snow-Simple.pdf   Let_It_Snow-Advanced.pdf  

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