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Thread: O'Doud's No 9 (Reel)

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    Default O'Doud's No 9 (Reel)

    This was great fun to learn and to learn about! Also known as The Cow With The Crooked Horn and many other titles!! I tried my best to search a few titles before posting.
    As always, TABS available at my website.
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    Default Re: O'Doud's No 9 (Reel)

    Nice work with those triplets - this is a great example for anyone trying to learn triplets of how the speed they're played it is relevant to the speed the tune is played at. A common mistake people first learning them sometimes make is to think that triplets are always lightening fast regardless of the pace of the tune. One wee note: the spelling would be "Dowd's".
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    Default Re: O'Doud's No 9 (Reel)

    Nice picking Jason.
    I like reels played with a hornpipe rhythm too.
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