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Thread: Some Rescue Intruments in Iowa

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    Default Some Rescue Intruments in Iowa

    These are cheap and look to be in need of new homes

    Vintage Kay mandolin for repair or parts. 100.00.
    Vintage Faultless (Chicago) 50.00
    John the Baptist violin 50.00.
    150.00 for all. Thanks for looking!

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    Default Re: Some Rescue Intruments in Iowa

    Whoa!! Maybe the nicely char-broiled fiddle that resulted from Jim's, ya know, rehearsing for Woodstock? Or maybe that Mr. Devil played down in Georgia vs. Mr. Daniels? Or maybe ... I should just go to bed?
    - Ed

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    Default Re: Some Rescue Intruments in Iowa

    Violin belonged to the emperor Nero, obviously. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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