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Thread: Retirement....Time to take it easy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by journeybear View Post
    Huh? The string is the wire moving through the magnetic field, and the magnet induces into the coiled wire an electric current - leastways, that's how I understand things like electric motors work. Or is it that magnets moving around a wire induces an electric current ... Oh geez, college was 45+ years ago, and I flunked electronics anyway, which pushed me toward the arts, and poverty, instead of physics and unimaginable wealth.

    Come to think of it, I guess I don't completely understand how magnetic pickups work. The vibrations of the string cause something to occur in the magnet's field, which becomes an electric signal, that reproduces the sound in the amplifier ... OK, it's magic.
    Tom`s bang on.....beat me to it!
    The only reason the magnet is within the coil is for convenient packaging (otherwise, how would those "horseshoe" lap steel pickups work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Jones View Post
    Congrats, Pete - well deserved for sure. You will soon wonder how you ever found time to work.

    Are there competitors out there we can turn to for pickup needs in the future? I know I for sure am in the market for one 4-string humbucker, not sure where to look next.

    Again, congrats - and thanks for any and all guidance!

    - Rick Jones
    Hi Rick. Although it's taken a while, after some serious tuition from Pete we are now able to offer pickups under the BELMUSE brand. They can be ordered online through our webshop here: Hope that helps, kind regs, Chris@Belmuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrmando View Post
    Thanks for the shout-out, Pete, and enjoy your retirement.

    Will Belvoir continue to build mandolins without your involvement?
    Hi Martin, Chris from Belvoir here. Yep, we've taken over the reigns and 90% of our work here is eMando's under the BELMUSE brand now. Although it took another year or more, we are now able to offer pickups too - naturally built using the Almuse recipe

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