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Thread: Gibson Mandola H1 case fit?

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    Default Gibson Mandola H1 case fit?

    I'm selling a Collings Mandola case on the Cafe Classifieds. Getting questions as to whether or not a Gibson H1 will fit and thought this to be the best place in the forum to get a knowledgeable answer. I tried a 1907 Gibson dola that the body was too large for the case. I was told that the H1's are smaller than the 1907 dola.
    I do not want someone to purchase it if it will not accommodate their needs.
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    Default Re: Gibson Mandola H1 case fit?

    According to Gruhn's Guide, the very early Gibson mandolas are 12" wide. About 1908, the width was reduced to 11" wide. A measurement taken on an actual instrument yields 11 1/4".

    Here are actual measurements I just took from a 1918 H-2 using a flexible tape measure:

    Body width: 11 1/4" measured across the back.
    Body length: 15 1/4" measured along the back from the heel joint to the outer edge of the endpin.
    Total length: 28" measured from the back.
    Maximum body depth: 3 3/4" including the height of the bridge [approximate].
    Body depth at back of soundhole: 2 3/4" [approximate]
    Body depth at endpin: 2 1/8" including the height of the tailpiece.

    Collings lists the depth of their mandola as 2 1/16", but does not indicate where that measurement was taken.
    You will have to insure that the case will accommodate a 3 3/4" tall block of wood or medicine bottle at the center of the body.

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    Default Re: Gibson Mandola H1 case fit?

    Baritone Uke gig bag?
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    Default Re: Gibson Mandola H1 case fit?

    Quote Originally Posted by mandroid View Post
    Baritone Uke gig bag?
    No, its a Collings mandola case! My Collings mandola case is a bit of a tight fit for a Collings mandola.

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