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Thread: Gibson A-1 (ca. 1933)

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    Default Gibson A-1 (ca. 1933)

    A new mandolin family instrument has been added to The Music Emporium inventory:

    Gibson A-1 (ca. 1933)

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    Vendor: Gibson
    Type: Mandolins
    Price: 1450.00
    Gibson discontinued the A-1 briefly in 1927 and#brought it#back for about a year in 1933, after which time#they#switched over to F-holed models. This lovely little oval-holed A delivers all of#the#warmth and woody#chime#people love about earlier Gibsons. It plays and sets up beautifully. The condition is very good with a few minor repairs around side seams and some binding shrinkage. The#tailpiece has been replaced as well. But it has The Sound!# Very few mando's on the market at this price that can compete on a tonal level.
    With hard shell case.
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    Default Re: Gibson A-1 (ca. 1933)

    Very nice transitional depression era Gibson!

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