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Thread: Bob White mandolins

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    Default Bob White mandolins

    Anybody got one? A good buddy of mine was just given a beautiful and pretty flawless A model mandolin made by Bob White, of Shade, Ohio, but searching for his name doesn’t come up with much. We know Mike Kemnitzer apprenticed with him(he said there wouldn’t be any Nuggets without Bob White), that he worked at Stewart MacDonald some, that he won an Ohio Heritage award and that he was well regarded in Ohio & West Virginia as a builder, repairer and player. There are a couple of short threads about him on the Café, so we know he had significant health issues around 2006 such that he could no longer work. I’m not sure when my buddy’s mando was made, but it appears the previous owner(his uncle) got it new and never played it…it’s spotless without even a ding on the case.

    So any info about Bob would be appreciated.

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    I attended a workshop sponsered by Mr. White, in the art of building mandolins several years ago.. Very nice guy, and made me want to be all that I can be.. It was at a folk fair in down town Dayton , Ohio...

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