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Thread: David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

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    Default David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

    I thought David would say a little something on MM today about why he left his band. Looks like we was replaced with Korey Brodsky.

    Their awesome fiddler Bronwyn Kieth-Hynes quit as well and was replaced with Ella Jordan.

    David & Bronwyn were the best in the band IMHO.
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    Default Re: David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

    His October 8 Instagram spelled it out. Worth sharing here. That and continuing to dwell on it while the new members are already playing gigs, I think, could be viewed as bad form. It was a healthy split. I had a brief chat with him about it.

    In that post linked below he said: "After 5 amazing years on the road with @miletwelve it’s come time for me to take my final bow. Like so many others out there, the pandemic brought some huge changes for me and my wife Tabitha, and through it all we’ve found ourselves wanting to prioritize family time, to plant some roots at our new home here in South Carolina, and to play more music together. So it’s with a very full heart that I’ll be parting ways with Mile Twelve to make space in our lives to pursue all of these things.

    I just want you all to know how grateful I am to all of you who have supported the band, come out to all of our shows, listened to our albums, and so much more. To all the friends and mentors I’ve met along the way. You all have enriched my life so much!

    And most of all I’m so grateful to Bronwyn, Evan, BB, and Nate for asking me to join this band those 5 years ago. Back then I couldn’t have imagined half of the amazing memories and experiences that we all share today. Even more so, you all pushed me musically and inspired me to try to be the best version of myself–I’d be hard pressed to find 4 closer friends. Love you guys!

    And I know there’s so much more music for Mile Twelve to make! I’m excited to see where the band heads next, and you can bet that I’ll be in the audience with the rest of you all, listening to these amazing musicians the first opportunity I get!"

    Bluegrass bands and their members come and go. Appears his Patreon presence is clearly a major source of income these days (742 subscribers between $3 and $25/month, the Cafe chips in the latter) and doesn't depend on the schedule of others, pandemics and being away from home for weeks at a time when you have a brand new house and are newly married to someone you have a band with. That along with virtual teaching private lessons and larger workshop events it appears David is carving out a solid living without the need to tour as widely. Bronwyn's stock really rose during the pandemic and I believe her leaving also had something to do with a relationship but not my biz to get into that. She will be quite busy in Nashville and is definitely in demand.

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    Default Re: David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

    I have been taking lessons about once a month with David. He’s a great teacher, and I love his Patreon model. He and Tabitha are enjoying their new house and I expect to see and hear great things from him in the next few years. He has real vision, and he’s got a plan. That’s half the battle these days for musicians.
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    Default Re: David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

    David always struck me as someone who really 'gets it', not just as a mandolin player and a teacher, but also as a technologist who understands how to leverage all the good that social media platforms have to offer to promote his craft and make a living. Have been a supporter for a little while and just went ahead and bumped my support level. Can't wait to see what he got cooking next.

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    Default Re: David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

    I’ll bet a lot of us who grew up in the 70s, 80s, 90s are used to famous band breakups being big, ugly dramatic affairs… akin to getting a messy divorce. Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, etc.

    I’m not sure the younger generation, especially in bluegrass, views a band as a forever commitment… More like a semi-permanent arrangement until it’s no longer benefitting everyone…

    It’s probably a much healthier way to live, and allows for collaboration in the future. I’m glad David was able to have an amicable split and I hope they all remain friends.

    I’m grateful for everything that David contributes to the Cafe…. He’s one of the main reasons that I stop by here.

    I was also glad to read Scott’s email and learn that these younger musicians can make a decent amount, especially if they leverage their tech skills and on-line presence. It’s always been so hard for a musician to eke out a living through gigs and lessons… It’s great that someone like David can buy a house + have a family while doing what he loves… go David!
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    Default Re: David Benedict quit Mile Twelve

    Like others, every Monday I have to check out the Cafe to see what David has come up with...who is playing including David.

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