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Thread: "Tyrolean Lute Mandolin- 1850s"

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    Well, maybe and “Tailpiece is newer (20s 30s). Not original. WILL Most Likely SOUND BETTER THAN A GIBSON A Mandolin. ”

    Others may be less optimistic as to its attributes some way down the line. I reckon it is 20th century and the Phillips screws add to the general sense of evolutionary change- as do the tuner buttons and the aforementioned tailpiece.

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    And probably more significant is the fact that since its back is completely missing it is unlikely to sound better than a cigar box let alone a Gibson.

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    What is "eburnated exotic wood"?

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    Apparently, the word "eburnated" relates to bone- and its degeneration, so one can assume the word has been misapplied in this case, it seems. It would probably be best to keep it simple and straightforward and just name the less than exotic wood types that are present. One of the great things about central Europe which is why it spawned a huge stringed- instrument industry, was the availability locally of superb wood that was ideal for making these instruments.

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    Maybe " Ebonised"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Louise NM View Post
    What is "eburnated exotic wood"?
    'Ebonised'? As in stained black to imitate ebony?

    EDIT: Someone beat me to it!
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