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1915 Gibson A Mandolin Used

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Vendor: Gibson
Type: Instruments
Price: 1350.00
We just love these original Gibson A model mandolins. They'd been building them for a decade or more by the time this one was constructed and Gibson had it all figured out, with good neck angles, a strong neck with thick ebony fingerboard, and a nice tall bridge with compensated ebony saddle in the top. From the A version like this one to the A-4 the materials and carving were the same, the only differences were the finish color, amount of binding, and the inlay.
This example appears to be original throughout, and there's no sign of the problems that sometimes befall these models, such as a loose top brace or slightly loose back seam. This one has no cracks and still has its original frets, which have very little wear, so apparently it has sat in its case for much of the last 105 years, someplace with ideal climate. Comes with the original hardshell case and is all ready for its second century.