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Thread: New KR Strings Octave Mandolin -The Octolindo

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    Default New KR Strings Octave Mandolin -The Octolindo

    We are thrilled to introduce our new Octolindo model octave mandolin!

    Drawing from over three decades playing, studying, and restoring fine vintage American stringed instruments, our new Octolindo design unites the classic styles and contours of our favorite vintage instruments with innovative techniques drawn from contemporary luthiery.

    Our Octolindos include a deluxe hardshell case, Nugget/Northfield tailpieces and custom bridges of premium grade ebony from our good friends at Cumberland Acoustics.

    Debuting at our premier Mandolindo dealerships this Fall, we invite you to stop in and discover a powerful new voice in acoustic tone.

    For more information please contact:


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    Default Re: New KR Strings Octave Mandolin -The Octolindo

    I believe I first saw this on Thursday on an Instagram post from The Mandolin Store. I'd love to know more. What really surprised me is that the Octolindo appears to be an arch top while the Mandolindo is clearly a flat top. I love the 21.5 inch scale and at $3600 it would appear to be a serious competitor to the Northfield Arch Top Octave mandolin. I found the rosewood back and sides to be compelling and surprising. (I love love love the Terse shaped Pono flat top octave mandolin in this combination.) It would appear that this prototype was sold by the time I clicked onto The Mandolin Store webpage to learn more about it.

    Are there any plans to make a maple back and sides version?
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    Default Re: New KR Strings Octave Mandolin -The Octolindo

    Holly cow, yes!
    Are the models below the custom deluxe not carved tops?
    What is linearly graduated?
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    Linear graduation is our attempt to explain the concept behind our top design. I have always found archtop instruments with a very gentle graduation to be the most complex and rich harmonically. Violins, cellos, archtop guitars, and mandolins seem to my ear to follow this trend. I also found over the years as a luthier and musician that many people playing Octave mandolin want a fuller, more robust sound as often they are filling an accompanists role in a variety of ensembles, replacing the flat top acoustic guitar or pairing with very bright melodic instruments like the fiddle or banjo.

    Working with a modified flat top with f holes and an X brace (that I think of more as four V braces joined at the center) allows us to manipulate the tension and stiffness of the top in four directions. This in combination with a significant dome and arch to the back begins to approximate some of the same dynamics at work in flat back basses and instruments by Maccafferi, a big complex tone that projects extremely well. But as you say, if people really prefer a carved top Octave, we can do that too.

    Yes, some Maple back and sides in the works!

    Thank you, -Kilin Reece

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