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Thread: Looking for my old Weber Custom Elite F. Please help!

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    Default Looking for my old Weber Custom Elite F. Please help!

    Hi everyone. I was the Weber finish guy for 12 years and I’m on the hunt for my old Weber Custom Elite. Serial number 5000. I spent a total of 4 years working on that mandolin. Unfortunately I had to sell it when I moved to Bend to help with the transition to the new ownership and I would love to bring it back to my home. I originally sold it to a gentleman in Ireland who then sold it to Trevor at TAMCO in the UK, who sold it in 2016. I’ve contacted Trevor and he did not have records of who the new owner was at that time. If you’ve seen this mandolin or know who may have it, drop me a line because I’d love to buy it back!!
    Here’s some pictures from TAMCO when Trevor had it on his website, as well as one I took in the finish booth as i was applying the varnish in the old Weber schoolhouse shop in Logan, MT. Easily identifiable with the impressionist fish hook inlays. It also has an ebony stringer in the neck, and is the only Weber mandolin that does. I posted a build thread for this mandolin on the Cafe about ten years ago when it was nearing completion. I left Weber/Two Old Hippies in 2014 to go back to school and get a bachelors in Nursing and I’ve been working as an Oncology nurse for the last few years. I dream about my old mandolin often. Help me find it please!

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    Default Re: Looking for my old Weber Custom Elite F. Please help!

    Dang Brett!

    That's a monster mandolin you're after there. The good news is, if one of us spots it there won't be much question as to whether or not it's the one. I mean, whoa....

    I feel your pain too. I'm after the custom Fern you all made me back in 2008. Bruce even signed the label "Made especially for Kevin Briggs." I also sold it for financial reasons and think about it most days. In this situation, however, I do know who has it. The problem is he disappeared a few years ago and his family does not know of his whereabouts. I ran across some YouTube videos of him playing the guitar about five years ago and he looked fairly speedy, if you catch my drift. Not good.

    Hoping for the best for you and your search, Brett. Thanks for all the incredible work you did for Weber. Real legendary stuff.
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    Default Re: Looking for my old Weber Custom Elite F. Please help!

    Thanks Kevin! I appreciate your kind words. I remember your Fern. 'Twas a hoss!

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