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Thread: Happy Birthday, Jim Simpson

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    Default Happy Birthday, Jim Simpson

    10-4 Good Buddy! I still miss jamming with you at Sellersville. Many happy returns!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday, Jim Simpson

    Happy Birthday, Jim! Thanks for providing us all with so many insightful observations and humorous comments over the years. And for starting one of the longest-running and most popular threads ever, the Women With Mandolins thread. That's provided a lot of fun for a long time, as well as much enlightenment. Good on ya, mate!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday, Jim Simpson

    happy birthday!
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    Default Re: Happy Birthday, Jim Simpson

    Happy B-day Jim!

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    Default Re: Happy Birthday, Jim Simpson

    Wow! What a nice surprise Jim, Journeybear, Randi, and William! I appreciate it. Jim, I miss the old Washington House jam sessions. A lot of good memories and great friendships formed there. I think jams are one of the greatest things for music. I still attend them when I can, gigging keeps me busy too. Best wishes to everyone, peace!
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