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Thread: Hamlett Mandolin Glory

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    Default Hamlett Mandolin Glory

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd pass this along in a new thread to share a sound sample of my now six week new John Hamlett Two-Point. The linked sound file consist of the following variables:

    1. Hamlett two-point mandolin
    2. D'Addario XT Medium/Heavy strings
    3. Golden Gate Clown Barf X-Stiff
    4. iPhone SE Voice Memo

    Of course, the recording isn't perfection, and what you choose to listen to through as well as how loud are yet more variables. However, the recording is good enough that I feel it captures the tone pretty well so it's worth a listen, especially through some good headphones or blasting in your car, haha.

    Hamlett Two-Point
    Eastman MD805
    Schertler DYN-M + Yellow

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