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2001 Red Diamond Vintage F Mandolin Used

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Vendor: Red Diamond
Price: 8500.00
Don MacRostie is one of our favorite mandolin builders, and back in the mid-1990s Gryphon was a dealer for his Red Diamond mandolins. But by the time this example was made only a few years later, Don had no need for dealers and had a long waiting list of customers. When you play this one it's easy to see why, as the clear tone and even balance makes every mandolinist sound better. This is his Vintage F, which means it has a varnish finish on the body. The varnish is softer than lacquer, and lacks lacquer's highly reflective mirror gloss, so while this 20 year-old mandolin has had excellent care and handling, the finish does show minor signs of use with a few nicks around the bridge feet. There's minor fret wear to the lower frets. Comes in a blue fiberglass case by Pegasus of Scotland.