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Thread: Handcrafted PeeWee tenor resonator

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    Default Handcrafted PeeWee tenor resonator

    Hello all. I just finished converting a Yamaha Jr. 3/4 size six string guitar into a tenor resonator and am pretty happy with the results.
    The PeeWee Peach Orchard Owl is equipped with a National HotRod cone, which was the single biggest expense in the conversion. I paid more for it than the used guitar!
    -I used a Dremel to cut the neck down for 4 strings
    -plugged two tuner holes and contoured the headstock
    -cut the top to accept the cone
    -built the resonator cavity out of plywood
    -made a cover out of a Goodwill serving dish
    -cut soundholes and covered them with drain covers from Lowes
    -fitted a mandolin tailpiece
    -made a handrest/biscuit guard out of aluminum stock
    -painted everything
    My late father's nickname was PeeWee and he used to say so and so was "drunker than a peach orchard owl". It always struck me funny. BTW the guitar sounds great and with a 21.25" scale length, it's easy to play. Currently tuned GDAE
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    It ain't gotta be perfect, as long as it's perfect enough!

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    Default Re: Handcrafted PeeWee tenor resonator

    Great job, that looks like a real fun guitar.

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    Default Re: Handcrafted PeeWee tenor resonator

    Great job, Steve. It looks the business! By the way, my avatar has me nursing one of my own-build tenors.
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