A few months ago I purchased an inexpensive Cozart solid body em8 from a fellow Cafe member. He, in his words, "hot rodded" it with stratocaster pick-ups. Initially I had no interest in the pick-ups as my reason for purchase was to play unplugged so as not to disturb my usually tolerant wife when I might play the same tune for hours I am trying to perfect.
Well, I plugged it in and began having fun. I started to do more with rock-n- roll and some gypsy jazz which seems to me to be it's forte. Playability was less than I was accustomed to so I took it to my Luthier for neck, fret, and nut work. Now playability isn't perfect but is quite acceptable. Additionally my luthier repaired a short in the electronics.
As stated, it now plays and sounds much better than when I received it. BUT, yes the big "but", MAS sets in as I begin to wonder what an upgrade would do.
A 3 beer story now reduced to these lines. I ordered a build for a solid body em8 from a builder with a stellar reputation here in the Cafe. I should have it in about 5 or 6 weeks and I will then send pictures and perhaps a sound clip (if one of our more techno savvy sons comes to town).
The mandolin journey for me just keeps on marching.