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2015 Ellis F-5 Special Mandolin Used

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Vendor: Tom Ellis
Type: Instruments
Price: 9500.00
An excellent F-5 from mandolin-building veteran Tom Ellis of Austin, Texas. If you're unfamiliar with Ellis mandolins a quick visit to the "About" page of ellismandolins.com will provide all the education you need. Ellis's reputation for precision is something anyone familiar with Collings guitars and mandolins can easily gauge as Tom's Precision Pearl Inlay company does all the pearl work for Collings, and for lots of other fretted instrument builders as well.
There's not much to describe about the condition of this F-5 Special, as it's in almost perfect condition with only very slight fret wear. There are a few little squiggles to the finish just below the treble-side foot of the bridge, but that's about it for finish wear. The complex figure to the one-piece maple back, especially with the rich coloring of the sunburst, is a fun surface to explore visually when you take a break from practicing, and the way the varnish has settled into the pores of the wood has given that elegantly carved piece of maple a lovely patina. Very even tone all up and down the neck, and of course plenty of volume when you need it. Comes with the Hoffee case shown.