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Thread: App "Chord Cracker Pro For Mandoiin"

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    Default App "Chord Cracker Pro For Mandoiin"

    Really cool, check it out, just click any frets, and you would think that marking G and E strings in 2nd fret would render a D.....But, it says some off-the-wall A+13. What in the world?
    Any comments on this, it would be nice to tinker with and learn from, but it is definitely giving faulty readouts.

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    Default Re: App "Chord Cracker Pro For Mandoiin"

    Never heard of the app - I use the analog version (paper and pen haha).

    For a beginner, I can see a use for an easy chord book / app - but this app sounds pretty bad haha. An A+13 (A Augmented 13 or A #5 13) has the notes A C# E# G F# (1 3 5# 7b 13) but as you mentioned, the 2 0 0 2 fretting is a basic D chord and the notes are A D A F# (5 1 5 3).

    I see similar issues in a lot of the "chord sites". The old fashion chord books are good for specific purposes (usually great for beginners), I generally would suggest just writing out the fretboard and marking the notes needed for a chord. Aside from helping you see where you can play the chord on the fretboard, it'll help you better understand the notes in chords which can lead to a much better understanding of how / why to use that chord etc. I wrote up something for students on this if you are interested -

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