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1994 Collings D2H Ba A Brazilian Adirondack Used

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Vendor: Collings
Type: Instruments
Price: 7500.00
This is a relatively early Collings guitar, from the days before Collings was making mandolins or electric guitars or ukuleles. Although Bill made a few archtops in 1994, he made those himself and for the most part the shop built flattop acoustics and nothing else. And it would be a decade after this Brazilian D was made before Collings moved into a big new factory built for guitarmaking, this was constructed in the converted feed store that Bill Collings modified constantly as his small crew tried to keep up with demand.
It's been played, no doubt about it, but there are no cracks and it's never been abused. Some nicks and dings and light fret wear, sure, but no big crunches or bashed edges and not a crack in sight. The colorful Brazilian is perfectly matched, and this dreadnought adds plenty of crackle to the rich rosewood tone. A great Collings from the company's good ol' days.