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Thread: Top three favorite Bill Monroe tunes.

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    1. Bluegrass Breakdown
    2. Kentucky Mandolin
    3. Methodist Preacher

    It's tough to pick just 3.

    4. Sittin' Alone in The Moonlight
    5. Wheel Hoss
    6. This list could go on & on!
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    My favorites right now would have to be:

    1. Backup and Push
    2. I Traced her little footprints in the snow
    3. Voice on High


    Body and Soul
    Precious Memories
    Philip Halcomb

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    Peter: ..never knew that! -(and I thought I knew Monroe's material/discography well). Thanks! - Moose.

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    Default Re: Top three favorite Bill Monroe tunes.

    Quote Originally Posted by MWM View Post
    Lured from lurking once again. OK Here goes.

    1. Jerusalem Ridge - 4 parts, minor key, haunting melancholy melody, decent speed - it has it all. This is the tune that made me want to play mandolin. Still gives me the same feeling 25+ years after first hearing it.

    2. Cheyenne - Unusual and very cool. I've seldom ever seen others mention it on the cafe which is the reason I decided to post. I've encountered this one at better jams and it's great to pick on guitar or mando. Starts in G minor, shifts to Bb with a I-iii-IV-I-V progression (didn't I mention unusual?). The Album Band did a great version.

    3. ?# - There are so many. Wheel Hoss and Big Mon actually sound great played at near insane speeds. Southern Flavor and Kentucky Mandolin for the minor keys. Rawhide just because it's Rawhide. The stomps. They're all great.
    ...have to keep telling...-Southern Flavor is NOT in a "minor key" !'s an audio illusion !

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    Default Re: Top three favorite Bill Monroe tunes.

    I hadn't played Southern Flavor in a while. I like the major E chord best but played the minor when I first learned it. In minor it sounds more like Southern Flavoure.

    Three of my flavorites:
    Old Ebenezer Scrooge/Dangerfield
    Southern Flavor
    Northern White Cloud .

    Is that three?

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    Default Re: Top three favorite Bill Monroe tunes.

    Of course, the question as always is, what exactly is a Bill Monroe tune? Which of them did he really write, etc.

    Gold Rush: Monroe had the idea and Byron Berline helped him shape it into a fiddle tune. Berline also contributed the out chorus. #3: the chords are in A major and there's a prominent b7 in the melody, giving the song a mixolydian flavor. There's absolutely nothing minor about it.

    I'm pretty sure Dusty Miller is traditional.

    Methodist Preacher and Going Up Caney, like all the rest on the Uncle Pen album, are traditional. So are Back Up and Push and Were You There.

    Big Sandy was written by Kenny Baker.

    Jerusalem Ridge is a joint effort; Baker came up with most of the ideas, but Monroe made the decisions.

    Goodbye Old Pal was written by Cliff Carlisle. Monroe bought it from him for 15 dollars (my source:Monroe).

    Clyde Moody claimed he wrote Kentucky waltz. Richard Greene claims he wrote Northern White Cloud from some idea of Monroe's.

    Watson Blues may have been based on You'll Find Her Name Written There, which was written by Harold Hensley, a session fiddler in LA/Hollywood.

    Footprints in the Snow has a very long history and changed quite a bit over the years. It is certainly not a Monroe song, though he may have added a few touches of his own.

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    Default Re: Top three favorite Bill Monroe tunes.

    1. Jerusalem Ridge
    2. Goldrush
    3. Kentucky Waltz
    I love hanging out with mandolin nerds . . . . . Thanks peeps ...

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    Default Re: Top three favorite Bill Monroe tunes.

    1. Kentucky mandolin. 2. Big Mon 3. Southern flavor..a second nod to Wheel hoss,Rawhide ..

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