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    Anyone using a video program or camera, zoom or any other ? Looking to make YouTube videos. Have not found a program that can have multiple instruments with good video and audio

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    A lot of videos are made with smart phones. Not sure what level of quality you want to get to, but this is a rabbit hole at least as big as the mandolin one.

    The dead horse I like to beat is that it's a rare situation/room where you you can get the best video recording and the best audio recording from the same place. If you want simple, the solution is to find the perfect place where you can set your phone on a tripod and just take a video. If you don't have that perfect place, good sound gets a little harder.

    Multiple instruments, as in clustered around a microphone, or a studio arrangement, with a mic on everyone? One camera or multiple ones? How much patience do you have with audio and video editing kinds of apps? Etc.
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