Hello Mandolin Folks,

My name is Jedd Kettler and my father, Ev Kettler, made Kettler Mandolins back in the 70s and 80s. I know some of you here have experience with his instruments and Im hoping you might be able to help me and my dad out with a new chapter in Kettler Mandolins.

So, my dad has started making mandolins again and will have some new instruments for sale soon. In the meantime, Im helping him get a website together and were including a section to show some of his earlier instruments from back in the day. We already have photos and info for a couple of old mandolins, but wed love to get some more if we can.

Heres where some of you might come in. Were wondering if any of you Kettler mandolin owners out there might be willing to share photos of your instruments and a little info about where you got the mandolin or any other bits of history, etc. Instruments with play wear or other battle scars are fine. Impeccably maintained instruments are good too. Were mainly looking for stories, history and photos of well-loved Kettler mandolins.

Also for the website, were debating including testimonials. So, if any of you wanted to share thoughts on Kettler mandolins you love, wed like to include those as well.

You could simply share stuff here in the thread or contact me through my Mando Caf profile.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, stories, and photos that youd like to share. Hope you all are well and look forward to hearing from you!
Thanks, Jedd Kettler