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Thread: RIP Andre Sakellarides (French luthier)

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    Default RIP Andre Sakellarides (French luthier)

    I am sorry to hear that Andre Sakellarides, the Marseille based violin and mandolin maker has passed away.

    In the mandolin world he was perhaps best known for creating the instruments played by the Melonious Quartet - seen in this great video.
    I met him once at the Mandopolis Festival in France, where he was exhibiting. RIP and condolences to his family and friends.

    David A. Gordon

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    Default Re: RIP Andre Sakellarides (French luthier)

    sad to hear... Patrick Vaillant put his instruments to very good use.

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    Default Re: RIP Andre Sakellarides (French luthier)

    RIP André.
    And many thanks Dagger for posting this tune with such a human performance. Wonderful.

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