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Thread: Bela!

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    Default Bela!

    Bela instrumental with Sierra, Justin, Bryan, Mark and Michael backstage at Rockygrass
    I should be pickin' rather than postin'

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    Default Re: Bela!

    The set was absolutely incredible and all of his new compositions are crazy. The new album is going to be straight FIRE!

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    Default Re: Bela!

    Oh My.

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    Default Re: Bela!

    Amazing! Thanks for posting this.

    ... but even more amazing is that there is someone here on MC who’s writing out the TAB for it!
    -no, but a jazz style pdf with the chord progressions would be cool
    Or would that be on a banjo site?
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    If you love banjo...can't hear anyone else.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Packard View Post
    If you love banjo...can't hear anyone else.

    Note to folks videoing such like: don't stand so close to the banjo - or fiddle, to a lesser extent - or else this is what you'll get.

    I don't love banjo, but I do love virtuosity, and that's Bela.
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