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Thread: MP3 Library - sorting?

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    Default MP3 Library - sorting?

    May have covered this before, but couldn't find anything in a search.

    Is there a way to get the MP3 library in some kind of sorted order? Either by Artist or (preferred) by Song Title?

    Most of the categories are small enough where it's not a big deal, but the 'Grass' category is getting fairly large, and trying to find a copy of 'Red Wing' is something of a challenge.

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    Default Re: MP3 Library - sorting?

    I can tell you Red Wing is not in the collection. Not a way to do any of that sorting as it stands right now. Wasn't the question you asked but I can't live and find things on web pages without entering a Ctrl + f command on a page I'm looking for something and then doing a search. It's the most valuable way to find information and most people probably aren't aware of that shortcut. Of course on that page it only will search what tab/category you've clicked into. Ctrl + f allows you to search only the visible contents of the page you're viewing.

    I just checked and that resource is going on 17 years now so a good part of the reason it is the way it is is due in part to that. A lot about the internet and how content gets shared has changed in that time. Too bad but that resource doesn't get a lot of traffic, but it'll continue to be used it as I use that storage space for streaming those for the MP3 of the Day and for news releases.

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