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Thread: Back to building kits!!!

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    Default Back to building kits!!!

    I have begun to build my kits again!!! I first started in 2000 at the request to give workshops. It is 2021. I have just retired from 34 years in the public school classroom scene.
    I am now concentrating all my efforts to make the Octave and Standard mandolin kits once again. The ones I am making now are better than any I have made in the past. I am only doing a small production run of each. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Default Re: Back to building kits!!!

    Welcome back Don, it's good to see you again.
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    Default Re: Back to building kits!!!

    Congrats on your retirement Don! I believe the 'kits' page for your website is inactive so may be time to resurrect it?

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