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Thread: Jams near Bend, Oregon?

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    Default Jams near Bend, Oregon?

    I know there are at least a few members of the Café who live in central Oregon. Does anyone know if there are any jams happening in these parts right now?

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    Default Re: Jams near Bend, Oregon?


    I've been visiting Bend every few months. If you want to meet up during my next visit, we could get together to pick.

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    Question Re: Jams near Bend, Oregon?

    Sorry, I'm in Astoria.. Hard to get any place to gather ..
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    Default Re: Jams near Bend, Oregon?

    Quote Originally Posted by mandroid View Post
    Hard to get any place to gather ..
    If you're near Burns, my daughter and son-in-law run Steens Mountain Brewery, with a great outdoor space. I'd bet they'd be happy to host some pickers (athough they're not musicians themselves). My SIL is a dang good cook and brewer, though.

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