A number of people have posted that they, or someone else, lost the tailpiece cover and can't find a replacement anywhere. I know that some say -- "Just play without it" but some folks would rather have one.

I did find a number of them -- probably the same one under different sellers -- that works just fine on a Kentucky KM-150 and likely other Kentucky's and maybe some other similar brands. Whether they will work on other tailpieces -- I don't know. It is two piece. I'm not sure what to do with the remaining tailpiece. I can't judge the quality of the remaining tailpiece. It is very cheap, but with a little pinching of the sides the cover holds nicely tight to the stock Kentucky tailpiece. and it still slides off when necessary -- maybe a little gaudy because it's gold colored but, to me, it blends in with the orange and brown of the wood, so no big deal. It might be available in chrome--again, I don't know. Just posting this because I've read other posts from some who have asked about replacement tailpiece covers.

Here's one place -- there are others a little cheaper on ebay. Remember to get the TWO piece one, unless you want to pull your old tailpiece all the way off-- but I can't vouch for the overall quality of the part that actually holds the strings.


Alan Spector

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