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Thread: The Sound of the American Mandolin

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    Default The Sound of the American Mandolin

    i found this just now, never seen it before, i would think its made its rounds here in the past, but in case someone else has never watched this either, here you go

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    Default Re: The Sound of the American Mandolin

    Actually, it has made the rounds - every couple months or so, the latest being just a month ago. And it always gets introduced pretty much the same way. But it never seems to generate much interest, or at least commentary. I haven't watched it yet, myself. I only took the time this time because I was surprised to see the subject line come up with no responses - that seemed odd, having seen it recently with a few responses. It's hard to search on, which may be why it keeps getting posted. Perhaps these threads can get combined.

    Anyway ...
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    Default Re: The Sound of the American Mandolin

    What Tony Williamson doesn't know about mandolins is not worth knowing.

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    Default Re: The Sound of the American Mandolin

    I went to Tony's website, Mandolin Central, and was amazed by the pictures there. It looked like Tony lost 200 lbs, shaved his beard, and put on a suit. Amazing transformation!

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    Default Re: The Sound of the American Mandolin

    Thanks so much Daryl for posting this video. No, I had never seen it before. Judging by the moderaters eye glasses is goes back a few years. (Yeah I had glasses like that a decade or four ago). A really interesting trip through the development of the instrument. How did they get all those valuable instruments together all in one place? And Tony Williamson demonstrating so many different techniques and tones is just amazing!
    I never could understand why they put all them tiny frets at the high end of the fret board. Some people can actually make music up there!
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