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    We’re out of town on vacation, and I brought a mandolin and guitar, with a huge stack of picks. I played the A part of Jerusalem’s Ridge a few times on my Eastman AC420 dreadnought, and asked my wife to choose which pick sounded best.

    Between the 2mm D’Addario Casein, a BlueChip TD60, and Wegen Bluegrass 1.4mm, she very much preferred the Wegen. Though I’m really enjoying the warmth of the Casein, and the BC is the easiest to hang onto for long periods, I agree with her that the Wegen sounds the best on the Eastman D28 copy. Very clear and bright, without being harsh or plinky.

    I’ve been a TF140 user for a long time, but there’s something to the BG. It’s a little more rounded while still having enough point to grab the string.

    Later on this evening, I’m going to repeat it with my Northfield, and see which she chooses.
    Soliver arm rested and Tone-Garded Northfield Model M with D’Addario NB 11.5-41, picked with a Wegen Bluegrass 1.4

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    Is there a pick that will make me sound like Sierra Hull? I would be willing to pay a couple of extra dollars for that pick

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    look up the traveling samplers, 2 of them, I think they're traveling again, or will be soon
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    I’ve been through the gamut of picks, bought/sold/traded tons of BC, Red Bear, Wegen, etc…

    The conclusion I’ve come to is I can use just about anything if it’s beveled and around 1.5mm. The non-beveled picks have a pronounced pop to the attack that I don’t love. I beveled a couple Pro Plecs and Dawgs, and the pop went away. Also found that I prefer a guitar style tear drop to the big triangle. Because I’m a pick junkie, I’m gonna contact Michel Wegen and have him make a Bluegrass pick in 1.5mm, and slightly less rounded on the tip, with a little more shoulder.

    For me, the material differences make a much bigger difference on guitar.
    Soliver arm rested and Tone-Garded Northfield Model M with D’Addario NB 11.5-41, picked with a Wegen Bluegrass 1.4

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