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Thread: OM fretboard radius preference?

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    Default OM fretboard radius preference?

    So I built this flattop Irish style OM 20 years ago and put a flat fretboard on it as per the traditional instruments I saw in ” CallanŠin's book.

    Fast forward 20 years, now retired I have the time to give the instrument the attention it needs, so the fretboard is getting leveled and new frets, then refinishing the whole instrument.

    I've built several mandolins, all with a 12" radius fretboard which is comfortable for me. I'm not really a fan of flat fretboards and I'm tempted to put a 12" radius on this OM. I know this is commonplace on archtop OM's and GBOM's, but this is a flattop and I'm thinking traditional Irish players may prefer a flat fretboard. The instrument sounds great but I may sell it down the road.

    So OM players, do you prefer flat or radiused fingerboards? Thanks for the feedback.

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    Default Re: OM fretboard radius preference?

    I have played both, and currently have one mando with a flat fretboard. I can't say I have a preference either way. That being said, if you are looking at selling it somewhere down the line, a radiused fretboard certainly wouldn't hurt its "marketability."

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