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    Picked up a Model M from the Classifieds. It was the honey amber prototype dated 2019 if anyone else was paying attention. Headed to band practice so Iíll take some pics later on.

    Obviously still in the honeymoon phase (only had it a few hours), but itís super easy to play, and extremely responsive. Itís also the first mandolin Iíve had that I may stick with medium gauge strings. The seller kindly included a DR 11-40 set, and they sound great and stay in tune almost immediately.

    Up until now, Iíve only had F mandos, and was a little afraid Iíd regret going with an A. About 5 seconds after I started playing it, that went out the window. Still plan to get a 5 bar Artist in black at some point, but Iíll happily play this scroll-less monster.
    Soliver arm rested and Tone-Garded Northfield Model M with DíAddario NB 11.5-41, picked with a Wegen Bluegrass 1.4

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    Congratulations! I oscillate between the J74 and J75 gauges, and have had 2 mandolins in particular that just sung with 75s: an overbuilt Kentucky 675-S and a Silverangel Econo. The latter is my “one that got away,” and I know someone is loving that mandolin immensely right now (as I’m loving the one that replaced it)...enjoy in good health and better time!

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    Congratulations! I saw that beauty but just bought a keeper and was only looking at mandoporn.

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