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Thread: Can anyone name this mandolin?

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    Default Can anyone name this mandolin?

    Hi Everybody!
    I'm really curious about this mando that appears on the cover of Evelyn Tiffany Castiglioni's book "Mandolin Medicine". I couldn't find anything about on the back of the cover. Does anyone know who the builder/maker is? Thanks!
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    Default Re: Can anyone name this mandolin?

    yeah, that's by Marty Jacobson More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Can anyone name this mandolin?

    I’d name it “Doc”!
    Or Nurse, maybe podiatrist?
    I’ll go to my corner now.
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    Default Re: Can anyone name this mandolin?

    I just had a nice conversation today with one of Evelyn's former students about what an amazing person she was.
    Being on Evelyn's email list meant she sent you seasonal collections of music she'd arranged, some traditional, some original compositions. You'd think she did it full-time, as productive and prolific she was as a composer and arranger, master harper, etc.
    But no, she was also an eminent scholar in her field (neurophysiology), and a beloved professor.
    One of those people so smart, it'd make you mad if they weren't so nice.

    RIP Evelyn!

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    Default Re: Can anyone name this mandolin?

    Thanks a lot, mr mando! And thanks Marty! I’m sure no one needs to tell you but your mandos are gorgeous.

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