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Thread: “Miss McLeod’s Reel” and “Hop High Ladies”

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    Default “Miss McLeod’s Reel” and “Hop High Ladies”

    I’m playing 2 mandolins that I made:

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    Default Re: “Miss McLeod’s Reel” and “Hop High Ladies”

    Enjoyed your mandolins and, as always, your playing.

    Fyi: Although, it's often hard to pin down origins of tunes,"Miss MacLeod's" is generally regarded as being a Scottish tune. The editor of The Skye Collection (1887) called it "Mrs. MacLeod Raasay" (Raasay being a place in Scotland), and credited it to Sir Alex MacDonald. However, as you say, oral/aural tradition has turned it into an international tune with many titles, variations, and lyrics.
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