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    Default Article: Caterina Lichtenberg Interview - Republish from Hyperloc

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    Default Re: Article: Caterina Lichtenberg Interview - Republish from Hype

    A great interview. I recall when Caterina came to the Mandolin Symposium with her guitar partner then, Mirko Schrader, in 2007 I think. The evening they got up to perform, everyone in the audience was really impressed and moved by their playing! For many of us we were being exposed to a different way of playing the mandolin and classical mandolin music.

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    What a lovely interview. Caterina is so open to the world of stylistic differences and subtleties, and so eloquent in expressing the nuances of her passion for the instrument and the music. I've started incorporating Bach into my repertoire in the past year, and as a newcomer to classical music, it's like opening the window to a whole new world. Music is the gift that never stops giving.

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    Interesting! Just found this link via ArtistWorks site where Iíve started Mike Marshallís lessons. I had no idea they were married - now going to see if I can interest our son in her class!

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    Great interview. I've worn out her "Third Journey" album with Mike, and I love her musical philosophy and her insights on the mandolin. Interesting personal history too.

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