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    I have a mdo-305. I read somewhere about putting mandola strings on it. I did and am not real fond of the sound. But before I change them back I wondered if I could use a mandola tuning without doing damage. I'm pretty novice all the way around so any thoughts would be welcome.

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    I am pretty sure that those strings will break before you get them up to mandola pitch. And if you did manage to get them there, the stress would probably not be good for your instrument.

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    I think the idea is that you use the D'Addario mandola set but still keep it in GDAE octave tuning.

    I think the heavier strings will drive the top better for tone and volume and the shorter scale of the Eastman.

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    I have EJ72 mandola strings on my 20" scale OM right now. Yes the idea is to keep the tuning of an OM using mandola strings. These strings and also John Pearse "octave mandola" strings were recommended here in another thread. They work really well on short scale OMs to tighten up the lower courses. The 'G' strings especially sounded flabby and unfocused using standard OM strings. But I also like the sound of the D, A and E strings. Really focused. On a longer scale instrument I'd probably be using standard EJ80s.
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