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Thread: My favourite things.

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    Default My favourite things.

    Inspired by a post on another forum.

    Feel free to add or jeer or cheer.

    Thile and Sam bush and jethro on fire
    Epis and washburns Sounding higher, higher
    Now it’s all done the feeling of new strings
    These are a few of my favourite things

    Solid bodies with the amp up to ten
    Having a jam and you catch up again
    Paid in the week that you’ve gigged with your bling
    Just a few more of my favourite things

    When the pick bites, when the chords barks
    When the chops in time
    I have many more but this list is a start
    And that’s why I feel so fine ...

    J d and bela and Noam on banjo
    Playing for hours and where did the time go
    Cracking jazz solos from don s or co
    You think I’ve finished but I haven’t so...

    Polishing fretboards and kittens in cases
    Feeling the love from the crowds smiling faces
    Compton and grisman and Marshall and hull
    I think I’ll stop here before it gets too dull...
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    Default Re: My favourite things.

    Nice work!

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    Default Re: My favourite things.

    When my E breaks
    When my timing stinks
    When it makes the wife so sad
    She just remembers her favorite thing
    And goes for a ride in her Cad

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    Default Re: My favourite things.

    What's that U in favorite about, mate?

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    Default Re: My favourite things.

    Did you see where he's from, mate? That's how it's spelled Down Under.

    The Origins of the Two Spellings of Favorite

    “Favorite” and “favourite” share a common backstory with other words in the English language. The word “color,” for example, is spelled with an “-or” ending in American English, while in British English it’s spelled “colour.” There are plenty of other examples: “flavor” and “flavour,” “honor” and “honour,” “rumor” and “rumour.” The list could go on and on.

    For a long time, there was no consensus on how words ending with -or or -our should be spelled in Britain. We know that Samuel Johnson, the famous British lexicographer, had a strong preference for the -our versions of words, as is evident from his 1755 dictionary. On the other side of the pond, an equally famous American lexicographer, Noah Webster, wanted to make the English language used in America truly American. So, his 1828 dictionary recommended the -or spellings of the disputed words. To this day, Webster gets a lot of credit for influencing the way Americans write English.
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