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Thread: F style mandola tuners

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    Default F style mandola tuners

    Hello, I recently picked up an Eastman MDA 315 mandola and I wanted to replace the tuners. Does anyone know if Golden Age mandolin tuners would fit?
    Thank you

    The link:

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    Default Re: F style mandola tuners

    They have dimensioned blueprints on their site .. it's up to you to measure what is in front of you and compare the numbers..
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    Default Re: F style mandola tuners

    I believe that most mandolas and mandolins use the same tuners and tailpieces but you should measure for sure.

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    Default Re: F style mandola tuners

    Chances are they are a standard spacing size. The tuners appear to be worm under like the ones you linked to. You may need to drill some new screw holes and the bushing's might be different sizes. On the bottom of the tuner page you linked to there are detailed drawings with sizes. You need to make sure the spacing for the posts is the same, in this case .906" or 23.00 mm post center to post center. Then make sure the shaft that holds the buttons will clear the sides of the peghead. The you may need to remove the strings to check out the size of the bushing.
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    the bushings the Schallers I recently picked up for an F style mandocello were slightly larger than the original hole. My Luthier friend has the right drill bit and a press, so wasn't something I was comfortable doing by myself. I think the spacing for most F style heads in the same, someone in another thread cautioned about over worm gears and under worm gears, most are under but worth noting before ordering.
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    Default Re: F style mandola tuners

    Thanks for all the info everyone. I measured and it looks like these should fit.

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